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August 22, 2014


artmusedog and carol

Definitely a very enlightening haiku and beautiful photography ~ thanks!

artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)


Golden stalks of light
Golden head dances amidst
Childish giggling


Beautiful photos with such golden light... young and old, memories glowing in the heart...


Really nice. Have fun with the sand and the seashells.


How lovely, looks like you've had a wonderful week! Thanks for sharing these images and words. Enjoy!


Wonderful haiku. Simple joys are best.


Oh, I like your various lights!

Jill Marie

So beautiful! Love the Light in its many forms :)

peggy gatto

Totally awesome, see the light!


such lovely images aligned with your haiku full of light!


so much love beaming through!
so happy to have you radiant in the haiku circle!

Mark M. Redfearn

The person who can be satisfied with simple joys will probably never be dissatisfied!


Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Indigene Theresa Gaskin

Oh, this was so delightful and what a great idea, to post images along with it! It will stay with the viewer so much longer because of that. Thank you for sharing this! :)


Beautiful photos and the words are simple and yet so lovely. Thank you for sharing!

Kim Mailhot

Lovely, simple, light filled joys !
Happy Labor Day, Lovely One !

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