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August 20, 2010


deb taylor

oh this haiku has strong words, powerful meaning and hope for PEACE


I totally agree with Deb, this speaks of peace! It is the time of year, right now, a change is taking place in nature. The seasons do that, but none as stark as Summer to Fall in my mind. Very nice piece of writing and a beautiful photo as well.



So many of us in the Haiku my Heart circle have been writing of this theme today. We're attuned to each other, something I am loving!

Perfect advice in a perfect haiku...


Wow! I just came from Delphyne's haiku. And now I find a similar message here.

Sometimes change is so hard to accept. Especially if the changes involve hardship. Yet in acceptance and trust in the One who brings the change, there is peace.

Thank you for your beautiful haiku and photo. Is it a bottle brush tree?


Yes. . . there is a theme woven here. Each, dipping into the well of changing minds, here on this planet at this time.


Such wise words... Acceptance is the key...


so completely true.
wisdom with a stunningly beautiful visual.
perfect welcoming home.


mimosa morning musings, so lovely!


oh yes, peace is acceptance indeed! :)

wonderful haiku..!

lori vliegen

beautiful photo, tami.....and your haiku has such power!!! xox, ;))


This touched at the heart of what I am experiencing.



you capture it all so well in the few lines of haiku!


the hardest lesson:
to wait & wait with patience
while peace is nurtured...


Yes, patience is the hardest lesson of all for me too... beautiful words (as they always are!) roxanne


why oh why
do i sometimes balk at Acceptance?


without Acceptance
there can B no peace...

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